Amish Farms Rebuild After Tornado Strikes Four Farms

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SEYMOUR, Iowa  --  Rebuilding is well underway on farms in Wayne County, after an EF-2 tornado struck Monday night. The twister also damaged the school and homes in Seymour.

Four Amish farms as far as six miles southwest of town were damaged. Vernon Mullet's farm had three buildings destroyed, including his house, a barn, and a huge shop used to build wooded trusses for metal steel buildings.

On Wednesday, 50 Amish workers were there to start rebuilding Mullet's home and business. On Thursday, there were some 30-35 workers on hand to help.

Rebuilding of another shed was also underway a quarter of a mile northeast at another neighbor's farm.

Mullet said he pays 10% of his building's value into an Amish coop that covers such damage, and each time someone makes a claim, he pays another 10%.

The Amish businessman said he could start rebuilding so soon because he already had the wood on hand in his business.