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Iowa National Guard Opens Recruiting Center in Jordan Creek Mall

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The Iowa Army National Guard opened a new recruiting center on Friday.

The center--located on the upper level of Jordan Creek Town Center--is only the second off-base center in the state, and it could change the way the Guard gains new members.

Guard officials believe the mall location could offer a different environment for their recruiting; being located inside the shopping center may offer a less intimidating environment for potential recruits. Most recruitment centers are connected to a base or armory.

The new location also offers access to some impressive foot traffic.

"Why do you want to be here? Why in the Jordan Creek mall? Well it's pretty simple, where in Iowa do you have over a million people a month gather? There's no other place in the state except this mall," said Lt. Colonel Randy Higginbotham.

The new recruiting center will be staffed with at least six professionals to help answer any questions about joining the Guard. The other off-base National Guard recruiting center is located on Vista Drive in West Des Moines.