Ag Secretary Hearing Set This Week

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The Senate Agriculture Committee will hold a hearing on the nomination of Sonny Perdue as Agriculture Secretary on Thursday, March 23. It's the next step in confirming a new head of the USDA.

The former Georgia governor was announced as nominee more than two months ago.

The Senate panel got financial documents showing that Purdue will step away from business interests along with an FBI background check earlier this month.

On the Senate panel is Iowa's Senator Joni Ernst. She says this confirmation will impact Iowans greatly.

Ernst says she wants to ask, "Where is his support for renewable energy such as our biodiesel and corn ethanol because that is really big for Iowans. We also want to hear about the CRP program, which we found is not being utilized the way it was originally intended."

Ernst says she also wants to know if crop insurance is going to be available in the future for Iowa farmers.