Allergy Season Expected to Be Similar to 2016

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Spring has officially arrived and for many people that means the start of allergy season.

With an unusually warm winter, metro allergy experts expect allergies to be bad again this year.

“It was a long year, last year, for allergies. This year we really had a lack of deep, dense winter so I expect it to be the same if not worse,” said Dr. James Wille, Allergist, Unity Point.

Allergists usually look at St. Patrick’s Day as the start to allergy season.

“Right now it’s tree season with Oak and Birch but grasses will start soon,” said Dr. Wille.

The current condition of tree pollen is classified as moderate and it’s only expected to go up as the temps rise.

Dr. Willie says that most simple allergies can be treated over the counter but if you’re looking to avoid a trip to the doctor, try these at home methods first.

“If you know that it’s pollen, or think that it is pollen, using air conditioning, when you can come in you change your cloths. You can take a shower, you can certainly carry the pollen in your hair,” said Dr. Willie.

In addition to improved hygiene he also recommends cleaning out your basement, as mold can be a trigger for most common allergies.

“Basements typically have mold. If you have a game room, family room or laundry room you need to kept those as dry as you can,” said Dr. Wille.