Iowa DNR: Two Bald Eagles Shot to Death in Webster County

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Eagle with fish appears to be telling the other eagle to back off.

WEBSTER COUNTY, Iowa – The Iowa Department Natural Resources is investigating after two bald eagles were found shot in Webster County.

Bill Spece, a conservation officer with the Iowa DNR, says the first eagle was found two weeks ago in the Boone Forks Wildlife area. The immature eagle was found by someone hunting for shed deer antlers.

The second eagle was found Saturday near the sewage lagoons at Lehigh. Though the bird was found alive, it died after being transported to a wildlife rehabilitator. Officials the eagle had been shot twice.

Investigators are looking at whether the cases are linked after the eagles were found within 10 miles of each other.

“People out around here are outraged,” said Spece. “Both eagles were shot with a similar caliber firearm and left for dead so it is possible that these cases are related.”

Bald eagles are a protected species.

If you have any information on the eagles you’re asked to use the Turn in Poachers hotline at 1-800-532-2020. Tips can be left anonymously.