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Federal Agents Raid Homes in Marshalltown and Des Moines in Drug Investigation

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa -- "We saw a flash like a lightning bolt and a huge boom," said Kirk Brill of E. 28th Street in Des Moines, describing what he saw and heard around 4:15 a.m. on Tuesday. Federal agents stormed a home at 3901 E. 28th St. Brill lives three doors down from the house that was raided. "There was police dogs. There was people going in and out of that house. They were carrying stuff. I thought what on earth? I've lived in Des Moines my entire life. I'm 76. I can`t remember ever being anywhere and seeing that many police cars at one location," said Brill.

Authorities also raided five homes in Marshalltown. According to court documents, the raids stem from an investigation that began last year involving the trafficking of guns and meth. During the raids police seized thousands of dollars in cash, a dozen firearms, three bullet proof vests, marijuana, a digital scale, and more than seven pounds of meth.

In the 700 block of Bromley Street in Marshalltown, one of the locations where multiple law enforcement agencies executed federal search warrants, locals say they weren't surprised and acknowledged meth is a big problem in the community. "Oh yeah, I know, my son`s got a girlfriend that`s into meth and she has guys coming in and out of there trying to get rid of her," said David McWilliams.

"Don`t surprise me about nothing up in Marshalltown anymore. I don`t know, Marshaltown`s getting crazy just like everywhere else," said Rochelle Thomas. Thomas has lived in Marshalltown all of her life, but she says the community has changed a lot over the years. "More drugs. Lots more drugs and it`s every race, not just one like they try and pinpoint it. It`s lots of people and lots of drugs coming," said Thomas.