Bakken Oil Pipeline Vandalized in Mahaska County

Damage caused to Bakken oil pipeline in Mahaska County. (WHO-HD)

MAHASKA COUNTY, Iowa — Someone opposed to the Bakken oil pipeline turned to vandalism in an attempt to stop it.

Authorities in Mahaska County say someone burned a hole in an above ground section of the pipeline. A pipeline worker discovered the damage earlier this month.

Deputies believe it was made using a cutting torch.

Similar damage was found by authorities in South Dakota.

The Mahaska County Sheriff says there are better ways to protest.

“Irregardless of whether you’re for the pipeline or against it, and I’m not taking sides one way or another, I do know this, it’s private property. You cannot damage private property. I totally support people’s right to protest but I don’t support damaging private property,” said Sheriff Rus VanRenterghem.

Dakota Access increased security near the area and deputies are patrolling near the site more often.