Weed World Van Under Investigation in Iowa after Breaking Down

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DES MOINES -- You name it, and the Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement agency has probably dealt with it.

"You see a lot of different things on the side of the road," said MVE Chief Dave Lorenzen.

A few weeks ago, MVE officials could not reveal a date, a stalled vehicle along I-80 East near the Redfield exit and just west of Des Moines threw them for a loop.

"Obviously, you don't see many vehicles like that driving down the road," said Lorenzen.

The Iowa DOT comically posted a photo on Facebook soon after, showing the lime green van wrapped in advertisements for Weed World Candies.

"This vehicle was properly registered, they had the right lighting equipment. It was a mechanical issue that caused it to break down."

So the MVE officer offered help. Lorenzen said, "When he interacted with the driver there were some things that raised some suspicion to some other activity that may have been going on, and he took appropriate actions at that point."

Weed World Candies' Facebook page says it is a food and beverage company out of Alabama. The company's website specializes in the sales of edibles like the "stoner special" and lollipops like OG Kush and Pineapple Express, saying "Each lick is like a hit every time."

Chief Lorenzen said, "It is likely, unless it would have been committing a traffic violation, law enforcement would have never interacted with this vehicle."

While there were no arrests, a criminal investigation is ongoing.

"We don't have all of our test results back yet," said Lorenzen.

Because of the investigation, Chief Lorenzen could not confirm whether the driver or the contents in the driver's vehicle were tested.

"If there is an illegal activity going on and it occurs in our presence or our state, law enforcement officers are going to take action at that point."

Channel 13 News reached out to Weed World Candies but received no response from their contact number. Chief Lorenzen says the van was heading towards the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area before mechanical problems occurred in Iowa.