LiveWell Minute: Window Safety

Each year in the United States, falls from windows account for 5,000 injuries to children and, in some cases, death.  What can we do to prevent these?

Janna Day, Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator with Blank Children's Hospital says, "First of all, never rely on a window screen to prevent falls. In about 80% of window fall cases, a screen was in place.

What's the alternative?  Parents can purchase and install approved safety devices like a window stop or a window guard. Those are available at the Safety Store at Blank Children's Hospital.

What else can parents do?

One easy safeguard is to keep your furniture away from windows so children can't climb up to it.  Simply teaching your kids to play a safe distance from windows can help, as well as placing a strip of tape on the floor to create a visible danger zone. Better yet, keep all unopened windows locked and never leave a young child unattended near an open window.

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