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Caretaker of Horses that ARL says were Neglected Denies Allegations

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NEW VIRGINIA, Iowa -- "Yeah, I was here when they stopped by," said 26 year-old Brandon Redding. Redding disputes what the Warren County Sheriff's Office and the Animal Rescue League have said about the condition ten horses were in when they were rescued off of a property in New Virginia last week.

"They`re trying to say that they haven`t been fed and ---- like that. They come here, there was five big bales of hay. Three of them were in the pen with them," said Redding. According to the complaint and affidavit filed in district court, on Thursday, March 30th, 2017, Deputy Jon Wilbur responded to a horse neglect call at 7715 highway G76.

Wilbur wrote in the report: "I noticed that the ribs were showing on the horses and they didn't have a normal muscle structure on the front half and around their rear leg muscles." Wilbur also wrote: "I asked to see the hay that they fed the horses. Spencer told me that there wasn't any, that they had run out."

Redding says Spencer, who's identified in the report, is his cousin. "I don`t believe a word what they said Spencer said...I think that they may have turned it around, because like you know when he comes outside or whatever and there`s a couple cops there, he`s like wait a minute what the heck," said Redding.

"They (the horses) haven`t been neglected one bit, like they`ve got all kinds of hay, if you look out there now, there are still five bales of hay. Big round bales," said Redding. Redding says he personally helped take care of the horses. "I delivered the last four bales of hay that we had to them a couple days before they showed up, and then that next day they showed up we had five big round bales of hay for them. When asked if he thought the horses were being well taken care of, Redding responded: "Well, they were a little malnourished, but yeah."