More Cuts Coming for State Agencies

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DES MOINES, Iowa–It is too soon to say to whom and how much, but Republican legislative leaders’ budget plans for the coming year released Wednesday afternoon would require more cuts for at least some state departments.

Republican house and senate leaders say they have agreed with Governor Terry Branstad on a $7.245 billion budget. That is $14 million less than the current budget year that ends June 30th.

The governor had previously suggested spending an additional $38 million after lowering his spending plan because of continued decreased expectations of state revenue.

Republican leaders still anticipated an additional $40 million for K-12 public education. That would require cuts elsewhere, since overall spending for the year would be lower under the GOP budget plan.

Lawmakers have already led two rounds of emergency spending cuts for the current year as revenues weren’t enough to pay for the budget they approved last year. In January, they approved $118 million in cuts to state departments. Then in March, the governor ordered another $131 million to get withdrawn from state reserves to cover the shortfall.