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Most Soil Temperatures Above 50 Degrees

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Because of rain, there were only three days good for fieldwork last week according to the Iowa Crop Progress report.

Only two percent of the expected corn acreage was planted, about three days behind the five year average.

But 42 percent of oats have been planted with 10 percent emerged.

Other field activities included CRP burning, anhydrous, manure and fertilizer applications, and some field cultivation.

Livestock conditions are 69 percent good to excellent, though the ground is still muddy.

Iowa has been pretty warm this year, February was the second warmest on record and so far in April, temperatures are averaging six degrees warmer than usual.

The state is on the wetter side, four of the last five months have had more rain than average though this month isn't exceptionally wet.

South parts of Iowa is the wettest, but the northwest has had to deal with lower temperatures. Iowa State Climatologist Harry Hillaker says everyone is equally behind on fieldwork.

Adding soil temperatures are now warm enough just about everywhere in the state, "Even with a little bit of a turn toward cooler weather, later this week. Probably still at least near 50 degrees even near northwestern Iowa, which is the coolest right now. So soil temperatures generally adequate I guess for this time of year."