Perdue To Face Staffing Issues

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Agriculture Secretary nominee Sonny Perdue is up for a vote on Monday. If confirmed, he will enter in the job three months after President Trump was sworn in.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley thinks Perdue will have bipartisan support, no more than 40 votes against, and will be sworn in right away.

Perdue will immediately face staffing issues. Few other USDA political nominees have been confirmed and the president wants to end thousands of agency jobs.

Grassley says, "Maybe [Perdue], himself, would come to the conclusion that he had excess personnel. The only thing that I know that would be politically controversial because it has been in the past, and it hasn't gotten very far, but in some closings of county offices. And if there's going to be county offices closed, then I think that that gets to be politically difficult."

It is unknown how much of the President's proposed 21 percent USDA budget cut goes to personnel and how much goes to programs, but Trump has directed agencies to have long-term blueprints ready to reduce staff.