Alliant Natural Gas Generation Plant Now Operating in Marshalltown

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa  --  A new natural gas-powered generating station in Marshalltown began operations on April 1st.

The new plant cost $645 million to build, and 1,200 workers were involved in construction. The plant will have over 20 workers, and at any given time the facility can run with just two employees on duty.

“This is cranking out around 650 megawatts," said Justin Foss of Alliant Energy. “That's enough to power half a million homes right here in Iowa.”

“Exciting day to be out here,” said Tom Deimerly of Marshalltown Economic Development Corporation. “We started about six years ago working with Alliant on the site process as they evaluated 136 sites throughout their territory.”

“This plant is providing that cleaner reliable energy that our customers need to be able to power all the electronics in the homes and businesses here in Iowa,” said Foss.

The new plant is designed to start up quickly in order to get more power on the grid, when wind turbine production goes down due to lack of wind.

The new plant is one reason Alliant is seeking a rate increase before regulators in Iowa. Part of the increase would go toward the new plant, and another would be for infrastructure improvement.