District Judge Gives Iowa DOT Free Pass To Turn Off Speed Cameras

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Des Moines, Iowa — Three cities, Des Moines, Muscatine, and Cedar Rapids challenged the decision saying the IDOT didn’t have the authority to shut down the cameras.  Polk County District Court Judge Scott Rosenburg ruled otherwise.  This is the second time Des Moines has lost its attempt to keep the I-235 speed camera.

Shutting it down would cut into the roughly $2.5 million dollars in revenue the city collects every year.  The ruling impacts 10-of-34 cameras around the state the DOT believes are not improving traffic safety.

According to his ruling, “The Iowa legislature has provided the IDOT with the authority to regulate ATE’s placed on primary highways. The IDOT has the power to apply safety regulations to ATE use on primary highways which does not interfere with municipal police officers’ ability to enforce speed regulations.

The DOT also claimed that a number of traffic cameras, installed within 1,000 feet of a speed reduction sign could cause drivers to brake too quickly and cause an accident.  One location in particular can be found in Des Moines.  It is located along eastbound I-235 next to Waveland golf course.  The judge ruled those concerns by the DOT were both reasonable and logical.

All three cities have 30 days to appeal the judge’s ruling.