Fidget Spinners Causing More Distractions Than Focus in Some Schools

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa  --  A toy designed to help students focus has become a distraction.

Fidget spinners have made their way into dozens of schools, but one school district says they'd rather have them left at home.

WQAD's Christina Hepner found out why the North Scott School District is banning the toys from classrooms.

"Over the last couple of months, we've seen an increased of the fidget devices coming for just any student," said North Scott superintendent Joe Stutting.

The devices--and the noise they make--are proving to be distracting in the classroom.

"If you can just imagine siting having 10 or 15 kids sitting here doing this throughout the class and other kids watching that spin, spinning it different ways," said Stutting.

The devices are supposed to be used for students who need to fidget with something to help them concentrate in class.

"When the student needs it and it's part of their plan, absolutely we figure out what is it that helps them for their education," said Stutting.

But the fad has become popular among students who do not need to use the devices.

"Our rule is at the junior high and our elementary, every building's taking it different, but it's you're not allowed to have them out," said Stutting.

School officials are hoping this craze is one that does not last too long.

"We've had lots of fads like this, whether it's Pokemon cards or wheels attached to shoes or fidget devices, things happen, things become popular that are easy to bring into school."

The fidget spinners can be found at any major retailer and range in price from $2-20 on Amazon.