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Gas Pump Fraud on The Rise

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Police are still searching for two suspects who officials say attempted to install credit card skimmers at QuikTrip locations across the metro.


"I am completely unsurprised," said Des Moines resident Larassa Kabel. "I think that the further we get away from cash, the more this is gonna be happening."

Des Moines police agree. They say credit card skimming is on the rise, and is happening most frequently at gas stations.

"You might not notice if there's a skimmer that's been put on, and sometimes you don't know when something's happening on your credit card bill until it's too late," said Kabel.

To combat this issue, QuikTrip installed a system that triggers an alarm if the card reader is tampered with, and the alarm then shuts off the pump valve.

"Installed that type of technology in every single store we have that's recently in your area. There were attempts, we caught it immediately," said QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbough.

Thornbough said that's what happened to the two men last weekend.

QuikTrip and other gas stations in Des Moines say you can help by being aware of your surroundings.

The suspects' car has Florida license plates (WHO-HD)

"We're constantly monitoring the stores 24 hours a day, so if you see something out of place, let us know. We have policies and training in place so we can address the situation," said Thornbough.

Police say the two suspects in the most recent skimming attempt are believed to be driving a white minivan with Florida license plates. Anyone with information about the pair is asked to contact local law enforcement.