Iowa Democrat Says Kim Reynolds Needs to Have Power to Choose Her Lieutenant

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds thinks she should have the right to choose her own successor once she replaces Governor Terry Branstad if and when he is confirmed to be the US Ambassador to China.

The man she may face in the 2018 election agrees.

Today Democratic State Representative Todd Prichard said the state needs a Lieutenant Governor and if the current state law doesn't allow her to then that law needs to change.

On Monday Attorney General Tom Miller announced that Reynolds won't have the power to choose a new Lieutenant Governor under state law.  Miller had previously said that Reynolds would have that power but changed courses yesterday after further review.  Miller says that state law actually shows Reynolds will be serving as both Governor and Lieutenant Governor at the same time so it is therefore impossible to name another Lieutenant Governor.

In a statement released Wednesday Prichard, who is considering running for Governor in 2018, says that something needs to change to correct the problem.  "This issue is bigger than partisan politics," the Charles City Democrat wrote in a statement released Wednesday, "With Attorney General Tom Miller’s opinion this week, it is apparent Iowa law needs to be updated in order to ensure that is the case in the future."

The Branstad-Reynolds administration is accusing Miller, a Democrat, of making a politically motivated attack on the succession plans already in place.