Branstad Signs Voter ID Bill Into Law

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Governor Branstad signed another controversial bill into law on Friday.

Starting in 2019, voters will be required to show an ID to vote. Anyone without an ID will be able to get one free of charge.

Republicans claim the bill will prevent voter fraud, but Democrats says the new law will make it harder to vote.

The ACLU agrees, and executive director Mark Stringer writes, "There has not been even one documented incident of the type of impersonation fraud--the type of voter fraud that voter ID laws are intended prevent. The only thing gained by this law is that a group of politicians have made voting harder for Iowa voters, especially low-income people, people of color, transgender Iowans, senior citizens, and those Iowans with disabilities."

The bill also reduces early voting from 40 to 29 days and eliminates the option of voting straight party.