Friday Night Fire Destroys Marshalltown Apartment Building

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa  --  Fifteen people are safe after a Marshalltown apartment building caught fire on Friday night.

"I saw the smoke and I rushed up here to see what was going on, and I seen all the fire. My cousin lives there," said Marshalltown resident Tesa Nichol.

Fire officials say the 15 people who live there are safe and the Red Cross is putting them up in nearby hotels.

"Oh it was definitely a miracle everyone got out, the way the blaze was going they had to evacuate in just minutes," said Monte Aman.

The apartment is nestled in what some say is a tight-knit community.

Fabiola Sanchez, who owns a restaurant less than 30 feet from the apartment building, said she watched as the fire drew closer to her and her family.

"I was really scared because I thought the fire was going to come to the restaurant because it was so close," she said.

Sanchez and others are thankful the fire was put out.

"It was really bad. It was on top of everything and the smoke was all around," she said.

Marshalltown resident Joan Sten said, "It was real smoky and they were here all night. They kept it contained and stuff like that."

Residents also hope investigators will be able to determine how the fire started. Fire officials say the investigation will begin when the building is safe to enter. No cause is being ruled out at this time.