Field Day at Smouse Continues to Grow

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  If you listen closely, you can probably hear the cheers from kids all across the metro that school is almost over.

There are many different ways schools will celebrate the occasion, but Smouse Opportunity School in Des Moines might do it best.

“There is not a better way to close out the school year. No, most definitely not,” said Jamie Hommer with Smouse. 

They kicked things off with quite the parade. They had a police car, a tractor, and over a dozen impressive two-wheelers. The scene was also flooded with kids, race cars, and bubbles during one of the biggest parades the school has ever had. 

“I am most excited because I like to touch everything. So I am excited for everything,” said Rai, a 5th grade student.

With budget cuts looming, this event could have been scrapped, but community partners like Wells Fargo and the City of Des Moines stepped up to make it happen.

“Sometime I feel like we, education, especially students with disabilities get more of that negative piece. It’s great to be able to show off and say here are the positive things we are doing with our kids, here are the positive things they get to experience,” said Hommer.

Kids played and kept playing, then finally played some more. The goal was to have fun, and while it seems like they had that covered, teachers here are also watching closely to see if the students are utilizing the items taught in the classroom like respect and sharing. 

“It allows the children to celebrate the friendships they've had throughout the year. To practice sharing and taking turns and just how to have a good time and handle a fun environment like this,” said Roxanne Cumings, principal at Smouse.

“Ya know if we could have one of these a month that would be great,” said Hommer.

Administrators hope to keep the tradition going next year, but they hope it will be even bigger.