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US Beef Will Soon Be Sold in China … But Here is What the US is Buying in Return

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WASHINGTON, DC  —  For the first time since the “Mad Cow” scare more than a decade ago, US beef will soon be sold in China again.  But that’s only half of the deal.

On Friday the Trump administration announced it had completed the final details of a plan put together by the Obama administration last summer.  Under the deal Chinese officials will welcome US beef imports for the first time since 2003.  They will also buy natural gas from the US.

However there is a tradeoff.  The US is agreeing to allow the import of poultry that is cooked in China then shipped here.

That idea isn’t sitting so well with many.  The New York Post on Friday pointed to China’s questionable history of food safety practices.

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says he doesn’t expect the Chinese poultry imports to make a major impact on American markets.