First Seymour High Class Graduates After Tornado

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SEYMOUR, Iowa  --  The Seymour community watched and cheered on the first Seymour High School graduating class after the EF2 tornado touched down in March.

Under a canopy of trees, 21 senior students graduated from the school.

"It’s a celebration of what we’ve been able to overcome in the last couple months," said principal Jamie Houser.

Back in March, the tornado destroyed the high school and homes that stood in the storm's path.

"We were not sure if we'd be able to create this new school and have this class. We just were not sure,” said student Joshua Brown.

The old high school still stands, as city crews hammer out plans for the new one.

“We’re working with insurance to figure out what will be rebuilt and what will be torn down," said Dan Furlin with the Seymour School Board.

By the time the new school is built, the 2017 graduates will be long gone.

"I'm happy to be here, and glad and overjoyed that everyone was able to come together and make it work," said student Danielle Furlin.

The community is now eager to see what the future holds for these graduates and for Seymour High School.