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Local Organization Gives Metro Mom ‘Hope’ This Mother’s Day

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  One metro woman had a special Mother's Day on Sunday thanks to a local organization that helped turn her life around.

One of Hope Ministries' goals is to help put women on the road to recovery after struggling with addiction, and the program has helped at least one mom regain a life with her children.

This is the first Mother’s Day in years Alyse Jones says she has truly felt like a mother.

"When I first started getting visits with them, I wasn’t 'mommy.' And now when I wake up, I'm the first face they see, they call me 'mom,'" she said.

Jones is clean and sober now, but for years she was hooked on meth. Along the way, she lost custody of her five children and her future without the help of Hope Ministries did not look bright.

"I do believe I'd be dead. Out on the streets somewhere doing stuff I don’t need to be doing," she said.

The organization's program lets Jones live with two of her five kids and aims to help mothers every day, not just on Mother’s Day.

"Women who are in life recovery are always clean and sober, and they are working to transform their lives. And that looks different for each woman," said Kathy Coady of Hope Ministries.

Part of Jones' transformation includes helping other moms get back on their feet.

Hope Ministries said women are in the program for approximately two years, and the organization helps nearly 30 mothers at a time.