Red Cross Helping Those Affected by Perry Storm Damage

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PERRY, Iowa- Cleanup is underway in Perry after a storm there took the roof from an apartment building Tuesday night. The storm ripped the roof off…depositing it in the front of the house across the street.

There were no injuries in the storm, but the Red Cross is assisting 12 individuals who were displaced by the storm damage.

“Around ten o clock we were sitting in our living room which happens the couch is right up against the window,’ said Connie Saenz, who lives with her family across the street. “We just heard the wind really kick up and some kind of un natural sounds outside and we thought it was a tornado, so we ran downstairs at that point we realized the tree was down.”

The Red Cross is crediting an individual who stopped at the storm damaged building, who happened to be a big help.

“We’re extremely grateful for an individual that was actually on the scene that helped us to translate,” said Nicole Breitbach, spokesperson for the Red Cross. “We will be doing follow-up now with the families.”

“We had the news on and we knew that there was going to be 70 mile an hour winds but, you just never quite think it’s going to happen to you or affect you in any way,” said Saenz. “One of the really thick beams from the roof was coming towards our window, but it came up against the that kind of stopped it from going all the way.”

Both Saenz, and the Red Cross credited the work of Perry Police and Fire Departments to be on scene quickly, and to assist those who needed help.