Weather Alerts

Tornadoes Possible in Iowa Wednesday Afternoon

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A Tornado Watch is now in effect for Central Iowa through 7 PM.

We are under an enhanced risk of severe weather for most of Iowa today. This means numerous severe storms are possible. They look to be widespread and persistent.

Here is the look at the set up: A center of low pressure will lift up into Iowa out of Kansas today. We still have a good bit of moisture in the atmosphere with high dew points. There could be some partial clearing with more sun early afternoon, leading to heat building and more instability developing. As the low spins into the state, it will lead to a shift in our winds and along that wind shift storms look to form pushing into our warmer moist atmosphere.

The timing looks to have storms firing in some clearing in southwest Iowa around 3 PM. Those storms will move quickly to the northeast towards the Des Moines Metro. Because they are along a wind shift, that could lead to quick spin ups of tornadoes within the storms. The storms will be in northern Iowa after 5 PM.

Of the different modes of severe weather, there is a higher risk of tornadoes than there has been as of late. There is also potential for damaging winds and hail.

The weather will calm down by 8 PM with skies becoming partly cloudy overnight.