Iowa Astronaut Peggy Whitson Performs Space Station Repair, Continues Setting Records

IOWA  --  On Tuesday morning, Iowa native Peggy Whitson was one of two NASA astronauts conducting a last-minute repair on the International Space Station.

Whitson and fellow astronaut Jack Fisher spent the morning fixing a computer data relay box that malfunctioned on Saturday. The box is vital for operating the station's solar panels, radiators, and robotic equipment. However, the malfunction posed no major danger to the lives of those on board.

On Monday, Whitson tweeted a photo of a previous spacewalk prior to Tuesday's repair.

Whitson is more than halfway through her third mission and has spent more time off the planet than any other American astronaut. She has also racked up a number of accomplishments including being the oldest woman to ever fly in space (at 57 years old), now being in third place on the all-time spacewalking list, and tying the record for most space walks by an American with ten.