8 Year Old Saves Home From Total Loss Thanks To School Lesson

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NEWTON, Iowa -- The weekend typically brings fun with friends for eight year olds, but just minutes after the bell rang Friday at Newton’s Woodrow Wilson Elementary, Quintin Daniels’ weekend turned frightening.  “When I opened the door, all I saw immediately was just smoke,” said Quintin who lives in 300 block of S. Eighth Avenue W.

With nobody home, the interior of the home was in flames.  "This was the scariest thing I’ve ever had happen.”  Regardless, Quintin kept his cool.  "What I thought in my head was that I need to get the fire department immediately to put it out.”

After unsuccessful attempts to find neighbors and without a phone, he made a decision "What I was planning on doing was going there, running as fast as I could.”

A half a mile away he reached the fire department "Pretty amazing that he ran all the way up here to notify us that there was a fire in the house.”  Near the fire station Quintin received a short ride from a Newton resident.

Soon after, Quintin’s parents, Steve and Misty Daniels arrived to extensive damage "Top left corner of the stove is where it shorted out and started the fire. A malfunction of the stove," said Steve.

Without his son’s bravery it could have been more than just the kitchen that was charred. Steve said, "He knew from school that he needed to get the fire department here as quick as he could. He saved the house.”

While Quintin is being called a hero by family and friends in the classroom, fire officials say they are most impressed by the information he shared so quickly.  "The great thing was, he knew his own address and was able to tell us where the house was.  We didn’t have to search for it. It definitely saved time which obviously saved property.”

A home that will soon be just that once again. "I’m gonna feel happy that we are going to live here again," said Quintin.  Steve added, "It’s absolutely incredible. I’m so proud of him.”

The State Fire Marshall says the fire caused $20,000 in damages. The Daniels have insurance on the home and will be able to move back into the house in four months.

Integrity Cleaning and Restoration in Newton is also raising funds for items lost in the fire and other cleaning needs for the Daniels home.