99 Year Old Veteran Wants People to Know More About WWII

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JOHNSTON , Iowa- This summer Richard Peterson of Johnston will celebrate his 100th birthday. The Iowa native is also a World War II Veteran.

Peterson served HQ 12th US Army Group WWII as an assistant to General Omar Bradley. He was not on the ground as an infantry man.

“Omar Bradley, who was my boss during the war he was the soldiers officer from the get go,” said Peterson. “I was in that small portion there where you had a lot of responsibility, but the actual day-to-day activity was pretty mild.”

Peterson was on Omaha Beach, but days after the D-day invasion. He shares about how he had to make a survey of a French town, and he didn’t have a vehicle to get there, so he rode with troop transports who were heading that way.

Peterson studied engineering at Iowa State Univ. but did not graduate. He switched majors, and found his hours he needed were short, and he didn’t want to borrow more money to finish his degree.

Peterson turns 100 on August 10th. He says doctors tell him he is in good health, for the most part. He says he wants to be “low key” for his 100th birthday.