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Kim Reynolds Begins Administration With Big Promises

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- It was a busy day at the state house as Iowa welcomed its 43rd Governor.

It was a packed rotunda at the Capitol Wednesday as former Lt. Gov. Reynolds made the transition to Governor.

“I’m incredibly honored to stand before you today as your governor,” said Gov. Reynolds.

Gov. Reynolds was on stage for just about 30 minutes and during that time she discussed a lot of topics. She gave a look into her background. She gave examples of how growing up in St. Charles helped her for the role she accepted today. We also heard about some of the things she accomplished while in office.

I’ve worked on policy that attracts, retains and expands high-tech firms and fosters growth across Iowa. We’ve seen over $14 billion of capital investment in our state,” said Gov. Reynolds.

Now Reynolds is ready to make a splash in her administration. 

As governor, I will focus every day on four key priorities: reforming Iowa’s tax structure, innovating our energy policy, educating our kids and training for adults,” said Gov. Reynolds.

Reynolds says her first battle will be to clarify the tax code.

Our tax code should be simple. It should be fair. And it should inspire – not inhibit – growth,” said Gov. Reynolds.  

House Speaker Upmeyer introduced Gov. Reynolds. For her the biggest takeaway of today is what this appointment means for girls across the state.

“So seeing a woman doing this is really wonderful opportunity for her to be a role model,” said Upmeyer.

Gov. Reynolds knows she got her work cut of for her over the next year but she up to the challenge.

While I have some pretty tough shoes to fill, I’m excited to step into my heels on behalf of the people of Iowa and work every single day,” said Gov. Reynolds.