Des Moines Social Club ‘Silently’ Celebrates Veterans

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The Des Moines Social Club hosted a silent disco. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  The Des Moines Social Club was hopping on Friday night, but had no worries about breaking any noise ordinances as the venue hosted a silent salute to veterans.

Over a dozen DJs had music going, but only people wearing headphones can hear the beats. The silent disco allows attendees to choose the music they hear. Until now, the group behind the disco has normally done private events.

“We love to throw killer parties like this and festivals for thousands of people and that’s really great and fun, but we also like to make sure we give back to the community,” said organizer Mindy Toyne. “So this was a perfect way to do this over Memorial Day Weekend and absolutely we look forward to finding new and creative ways to partner with other nonprofits in the community while also showing people a pretty unique, amazing time.”

Proceeds from Friday’s event will go to benefit the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust. Two of the featured DJs are also veterans.