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Holiday Weekend Travel Means More Need for Safe Driving

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IOWA  --  Friday will be one of the busiest travel days of the year, and the Iowa State Patrol wants drivers to stay safe.

So far this year, 107 people have died on Iowa roads. This number is down 29 from last year.

With more people driving this weekend, troopers want drivers to slow down, buckle up, put down cell phones, and stay sober. Additional officers will be stepping up enforcement this weekend all across the state and will also be patrolling from the air.

"Make sure you drive safe," said Trooper Alex Dinkla. "Make sure that you wear your seatbelt, that is the one thing that you can do to try to help save your life or not be injured in a severe accident. Put your cell phone down and just obey the speed limit. Drive safe and be courteous to the other drivers, have respect for the other drivers that are out on the roadways."

In 2012, 142 Iowans had died by this date.