Colorado Family Makes Every Day an Adventure

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COLORADO  --  A Colorado family is exploring America every day.

Anne Herbst of 9NEWS talked to the family about how they're taking a walk on the wild side.

Kathy Holcombe, her husband Peter, and their 12-yera-old daughter Abby have learned how to let go and set out on an adventure.

We were living in Boulder, Colorado, and we decided that we wanted to take Abby and show her North America, so we sold our house and bought a Winnebago," said Kathy.

"At first it was like, man, I don't want to leave my friends," said Abby. But after starting the journey of travelling across the country, Abby said she likes being able to "travel and do unusual thing."

Their only plan is to fill their days with interesting experiences, like building an igloo.

"We've gone 120,000 miles and have been to 49 states. I think the best life lessons actually are taught outside. You learn independence and perseverance and determination; then, of course, skills like building an igloo, which you never know will come in handy," said Kathy.

It had been 17 years since Kathy and Peter last built an igloo.

"And my dad proposed to her on April Fools' so if he changed his mind he could just say, 'April Fools' and it was all off," said Abby.

Almost two decades later, they're encouraging families to build memories through their photography and blogging.

"I tell people sometimes that I found the secret of life," said Peter.

Abby takes classes wherever there's internet access, and thinks her parents are pretty cool.

"I think it's the best thing we could've ever done as parents. Before, our life was always punctuated with the normal life between the really good stuff and we just decided that the really good stuff should be our normal life," said Kathy.

"A family that goes on an adventure together stays together," Abby agreed.

The best thing about an adventure is that there's always the possibility of another right around the corner.