Community Supports Eddy Apartment Fire Victims

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Sunday's barbecue brought people from across the Waveland Park community together at O'Donnell's Ace Hardware to raise money for the Eddy Apartment fire victims.

"The proceeds will go to all of the victims. We want to make sure those that perished in the fire have a proper burial and those that need things replaced get them replaced," said Christina Drown of Ace Hardware.

The cause of Thursday’s fire and the names of the four people who died in it are still unknown. However, neighbors identify a man named Henry as one of the victims who lost his life.

Emily Macfarland saw Henry every day for two years, and said the Ace store off University Avenue was his favorite.

"He would come over here and get his popcorn, he would get breakfast at the Waveland, he was part of the community," Macfarland said.

On any given day, people say you could find Henry strolling the streets of Waveland Park, exchanging friendly waves with the people he met.

"Always had a smile, knew all of our names, if he didn’t he’d ask, 'what’s your name again,' he was just a really sweet man," Macfarland said.

Event organizers say a couple hundred people attended the barbecue, and that’s proof that the community can come together.

Waveland Park community leader Charlie Chedester said, "When someone steps up to help their neighbor, whether it’s with the trashcan or they have a fire and it’s a bigger tragedy, it’s the little things that add up."