Quad Cities Photographer Helps Give Animals a Second Chance at Life

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QUAD CITIES  --  A professional photographer in the Quad Cities volunteers to hold special photo shoots for local models who all have troubled pasts.

WQAD's Elizabeth Wadas visited the studio to find out more about how the photos will help some furry individuals find a better future.

A day on the job is spent behind the camera for Lisa Francescon, but the models in front of the lens turn every day into something unique.

"Ninety percent of my clients have whiskers, tails, ears, and fur," Francescon laughed.

Francescon's volunteer studio is an animal shelter, and her models are, of course, the animals.

"Our goal is not to tell the story of their past, because many of them aren't very happy stories."

Luckily, for some of them, the pictures could be worth a second chance at life.

"That's what were really trying to do out here. We're gonna forget the past and we're gonna show what their future's gonna be like. We want them to all find forever homes and have story tale endings," said Francescon.

Starting on July 1st, Francescon is doing special sessions for full session of pets for $25. All the proceeds will go to QC Paws shelter.