Road Construction Season is Here

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Bumps, potholes, and crumbling roads are just a small part of the extremely low street satisfaction in central Iowa.

“Only about 40 percent of the citizenry is satisfied or very satisfied with the conditions of major roads,” Des Moines Public Works Director Jonathan Gano said.

Gano said there is $200 million in planned road work sites coming in the next six years.

Part of that money is coming from the ten cent gas tax hike which was approved in February of 2015.

“George Flagg Parkway was a more substantial rehabilitation rather than a complete removal and replacement and rebuilding a brand new road. That roadway was closed for many weeks and we are getting close to the end of that and restoring traffic back to a nice quick angle to get out of downtown and get back to homes and businesses on the west side,” Gano said.

One of the future projects is on Locust between 9th and 12th streets.

"Coming examples include the resurfacing of Park Avenue from Fleur Drive onto Southwest 37th. We'll be doing complete removal and replacement of more than a mile of Fleur Drive. Some of the worst major street pavement in town," Gano said.

The work on Fleur Drive is planned for 2019.

The Iowa Department of Transportation also has a lot of work planned for the highways in central Iowa.

This map shows the majority of projects going on for the whole year.

One starting in June is the bridge repairs of IA-210 over I-35.

A project to note that’s already in progress is the Morning Star Drive bridge replacement over I-35 which won't be complete until November.