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Woman Believes Her Brother Drowned in River

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- "I just want somebody who was here to verify, because I know it was him."

An understandably emotional Ali Kirkland met us at the Scott Street Bridge overlooking the Des Moines River with her daughter Kimmy. It was the first time Ali had been to the river since her brother Ronald Weaver went missing on Monday.

"He had mentioned it over the weekend that he`d seen this boat that was stranded and nobody`s checked on it or anything," said Kirkland. "He was gonna go check it out. The next day, which would have been Monday, he stopped over my other daughter`s house, saying come on Kiley, let`s go, let`s go get this boat. Let`s go to the river and get this boat and she says no, no I`m not going with ya and then the next thing you know we`re getting a call from my mom saying there`s a man overboard, getting a boat, and that`s totally him, totally him."

Ali described her brother as a river rat.

"That`s kind of why we know he`s here. He would just spend all his time on the river. In the summer times he would camp tent on the river all the time, made my mom worry to death. All the time."

Ali and Kimmy said Ronnie had just turned 55 years old last month. They said sometimes Ronnie lived with his mother, but that he spent most of his time at the river.

"He`d pack a tent and pitch a tent and fish for days," said Kirkland. "He`d just fish the river and we`d be worried, well he`s at the river, you know. He`d come in and check in to make sure he's not dead. This time, I just don't think there's going to be any checking in."