Award-Winning Eastern Iowa Photographer Creates Unique Senior Photos

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WILTON, Iowa  --  Senior pictures capture a special moment in time, and one Iowa photographer takes the images to the extreme.

In a town of about 2,000 people, you'll find a photographer who has people from all over the country trying to get a session with him.

Christina Hepner of WQAD found out just what makes Ben Shirk's business Shirk Photography stand out in the town of Wilton.

"We do a lot of stuff in-studio on green screen and then can create some very graphic, unique images that look more like a Nike or Under Armour ad," said Shirk.

He worked with Bettendorf senior Eleanor Drexler to take her photos in order to commemorate her final year of high school.

"Some kind of really epic action shot that captures their abilities and movements" is one way Shirk creates his unique images that make his clients' passions come to life.

"A lot of them with my water and smoke and fog and snow and all that kind of stuff, we have all those elements in the studio."

He has done the same for many others in the past ten years.

"This particular senior was actually on location at a baseball field, so that's all real and captured on camera, this one was all in green screen," said Shirk, noting previous shoots.

Shirk's wheels are always spinning.

"The mind is like a muscle, and the more you work with it and the more time you spend being creative and practicing being creative and around creative people kind of builds that creativity," he said.

He uses his creative mind to take someone from in front of a green screen to places like the basketball court.

"Being able to put some kind of amazing artwork in people's homes is just the thing I love doing."

He has taken his work all over the world and won several international competitions, but said the passion began right at home with his family.

"I got started because I wanted to take pictures of my son and I kind of created my own artwork for my home," he said.

Shirk Photography only does shoots for two seniors each week. Sessions can start at $900.