Baby Boom Happening at Blank Park Zoo

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Over the past few months, the Blank Park Zoo has been booming with babies.

Tumani, the eastern black rhino, was born in October, Lizzy the giraffe in December, Sunny and Tootsie the Bactrian camels in April, Moana the Addax in May, and elands Cotton and Indigo were born in May.

Black rhinos like Tumani are critically endangered animals, but can be very gentle.

"There's only 750 of them left in the world," said zookeeper Patrick Nepp. "They get kind of a bad rap. They have really bad eyesight, so their instinct is to charge whatever it is. But they are actually really calm animals and enjoy human interaction."

Bactrian camels are also endangered. Less than 1,000 camels live in the wild, although the number of domesticated Bactrian camels is large. Nature reserves have been established in China and Mongolia to protect the wild Bactrian camel, according to a news release.

Now is the perfect time to see all of the baby animals--even the camels because they are losing their fur--so it's easier to see them grow and change.

"Due to the season change, they're going to lose all of their fur. They're going to drop it because they deal with extreme temperatures in the wild. In about a month and a half they're going to look nice and fuzzy again," said Blank Park  Zoo Curator Chad Comer.

Besides normal business hours, the zoo also holds events like Zoo Brew, a social event, and Animal Days, which is aimed at kids who want to learn about endangered species.