Waterloo Residents Opening City’s First Fireworks Store

WATERLOO, Iowa  --  A group of eastern Iowa men are taking the opportunity to sell fireworks and opening a store in Waterloo.

The empty building was once a Christian book store; now, it's the first-ever fireworks store in the area. The store opens on Tuesday and will be open for five weeks. The owners are excited to start the business, and say it will be a learning experience for everyone since fireworks sales have not been legal in Waterloo in decades.

"Our motto is 'we've got the big stuff,' so people in Iowa for 80 years, I think, fireworks have been illegal, and a lot of us including myself don't know a lot about fireworks or how it all works or what there is. I used to think it was just fire crackers and bottle rockets and that was about the coolest part of it," said Matt Reisetter.

The owners say their first shipment of fireworks comes this on Monday morning.