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A Message of Pride from the Capital City

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  A message of pride was spread throughout Des Moines on Sunday at the annual Capital City Pride Parade.

"This means that the community is strong, were fighting, we're going to get through anything they throw at us," said Des Moines resident Nautalia Rose.

At the parade, the only thing thrown was candy, and rainbow flags waved in the hot wind. Some enjoyed the parade from up high, while organizers say more than 1,000 others lined the streets.

"I’d like to see more visibility, I mean, I see the occasional flag or something every once and a while and it lightens you up a little bit, but you don’t see it enough, I don’t think,” said Des Moines resident Cassie Doody.

The goal is to support the each other not just once a year, but all the time, and to remember those who have been victimized by hatred.

"I am just out here enjoying it and getting attuned to everything, so I love it, I love every single bit of it," said Des Moines resident Glen Cosner.

"It’s definitely important for everybody to know that we're coming out here and saying that we don’t stand behind that kind of violence and that kind of hatred in this country, and at least in this city," said Des Moines resident Caitlin Brown.

A message from the capitol city, and a message of pride for whoever will listen.

The PrideFest event will take place again next June.