Victims Remembered on Anniversary of Pulse Nightclub Shooting

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A memorial is set up outside Pulse nightclub.

ORLANDO, Florida  —  People across the country are honoring the victims of that mass hate crime shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub one year ago.

A security guard killed 49 people that day at the popular gay nightclub. The guard swore allegiance to ISIS earlier, and ended up dying in a three-hour gun battle with authorities.

On Sunday night, flowers and candles fill the site of the shooting. Boston’s pride parade also paid respects to the victims with a float that carried the names of all 49 dead. Approximately 30 people who survived the shooting flew to Boston to take part in the parade.

The names of all 49 Pulse shooting victims were displayed on a float in Boston’s pride parade.

“You guys went through a tragedy, just like we did, so to be able to be here and share the love together, it’s amazing,” said survivor Mario Perez.

The Pulse nightclub shooting was the largest in American history aimed at a gay nightclub.