Newton’s Maytag Pool Open Again

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NEWTON, Iowa  --  Hot weather or not, Newton had to close its only outdoor pool for a couple of days this week due to a leaking pipe fitting in the pump that circulates water in the Maytag Pool.

“We had to shut down the circulation pump because of the leak,” said Keith Laube, Public Works Director for the City of Newton. “Without the circulation of the pool water we cannot contain or control the chlorination levels, which would not be safe for the swimmers.”

The break was discovered on Sunday morning. A replacement part was installed, and the pool was ready to open Tuesday.

“There’s a lot of moving parts in pools, there’s a lot of pumps,” said Laube. “All the play features and slides, there’s lots of components, you get it as ready as you can in the spring, but until you get the water circulating and everything going, then you find out if anything needs to be repaired or not.”

The pool was ready Tuesday for regular lap swimmers over the noon hour, and open swimming starting at 1 p.m. Overall, swim patrons didn’t seem to mind the closure.

“It’s come a long way since when I was a kid,” said Becky Etter of Newton. “They didn’t have the slides and all that and I’m still not ready to get up on the slides myself, but I watch those guys have fun.”

Laube said it is not uncommon to have visitors to the Maytag Pool from the Des Moines metro area. Last week he said a group came in from Waukee.