Weather Issues Nothing New at Nevada Berry Patch

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AMES, Iowa- Storms rolled across Iowa through the overnight and through Wednesday morning.

At the Berry Patch Farm south of Nevada, the storm rolled in right as a Practical Farmers of Iowa Field day was getting ready to start. The wind blew a sign over, and rain came down hard, so part of the program had to be moved indoors.

“We do farmer to farmer knowledge sharing and on farm research,” said Liz Kolbe, with Practical Farmers of Iowa. “Field days like this are sort of one of the central features of what we do and how we got started.”

Kolbe added they are having 25 field days this summer.

The lack of rain in June has contributed in part to a very short strawberry season at the Berry Patch.

“It’s been almost 3 weeks since we had a good rain,” said Berry Patch owner, Dean Henry. “We had a short season for strawberries somewhat due to the rain but, more due to the winter damage that we had last December.”

Henrys have raised strawberries here for 51 years. The farm has a number of other crops which are doing much better, thanks to irrigation.

“Blueberries we’ve been irrigating for several weeks now, the apple crop and cherry crops weren’t really in a disaster situation yet,” said Henry. “We have pie cherries coming on, we have rasberries,we’ve irrigated those as well.”

At the Berry Patch weather issues, are nothing new.

“We've been growing strawberries now for 51 years, it's a challenge,” said Henry. “The last two seasons for strawberries we've been wiped out, we haven't got all the answers we have the weather to deal with constantly.”

Check for updates on when cherries or other pickings on the Berry Farm website.