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Example of Iowa Nice in De Soto as Community Helps Family in Need

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DE SOTO, Iowa -- "Everybody kinda knows everybody around here and yeah it`s a really nice community," said Kylie Drewry, who works at the Casey's in De Soto. Drewry was off yesterday, but she happened to be at the store when a family no one knew showed up.

"The family was sitting here outside in the parking lot and they had a sign on the back of their vehicle, and it said...that they needed gas and some food and a family of four and all that and they had the dogs in the car," said Drewry.

The family is reportedly in the process of moving from West Virginia to Portland, Oregon and ran out of money.

The clerk that was working at the Casey's thought the whole thing was suspicious and so she called the cops on what she described as a "suspicious vehicle." Police showed up and conducted an investigation to make sure these folks weren't wanted anywhere.

"As we were here, people felt more comfortable walking up," said Officer John Krusenstjerna of the De Soto Police Department. "I would say there was a substantial amount of cash given to them to help them along their way. There was a couple that did help fill their fuel tank."

From gas to cash to dog food, people kept giving.

"A family took them across the street to our Dollar General and helped get them some supplies for their children," said Officer Krusenstjerna. "We spoke to our local animal shelter, AHeinz57, and they allowed the dogs to stay the night there, in a nice cool place, and we got our local hotel to help put them in a hotel for the night, where they had air conditioning. Then that way...they could hit the road this morning and work on their way out to Oregon."

Officer Krusenstjerna says that's just the kind of community De Soto is.

"I think if this were to a larger city, the people might not have been as apt to help out, where as a small community of De Soto here, everyone`s out to help someone else and when they see a family in need, they all jump in and help out."

The De Soto Police Department did their part in helping this family out financially, particularly Chief Dustin Runge, and this isn't the first he has done something like this. In February he helped a man who was walking on the interstate. Chief Runge took the man to the Hyvee Grille in Waukee and bought him some pizza. That story got a lot of attention on social media.