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Iowans Take Part in Worldwide Swimming Lesson

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Kids learning to swim during the World's Biggest Swimming Lesson. (WHO-HD)

ALTOONA, Iowa — They call it the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson and it’s happening Thursday across the globe, even right here in the metro.

For the 8th year in a row almost 500 locations in more than 20 countries will send the message that swimming lessons save lives.

People headed to Altoona’s Aquatic Park Thursday morning to learn about water safety and the importance of teaching children how to swim. One reason the event exists is to lessen the leading cause of unintended injury-related deaths for U.S. children ages one to four.

” I think it’s important for folks to realize that teaching your kids how to swim when they are around open water is so important. Nothing beats supervision, but we want to take additional steps to keep kids safe,” said Jana Day with Safe Kids Greater Des Moines.

The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson will continue spreading the word of swimming safety around the world for the next 24-hours.