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Florida Artist Brings Motion to Des Moines Art Festival

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DES MOINES, Iowa- The Des Moines Arts Festival has many artists, and different types of art. One Florida artist is using motion as you would say a color, to try to express emotion, and tell a story.

Frank Strunk III, of St. Petersburg Florida, was a carpenter for years swinging a hammer on remodels and new construction. He knew he always had a passion to create.

“I knew I had a good hand skills and I could build things but mostly when I was building were homes in renovating,” said Strunk. “I would make my art on the side but I knew I always had a solid creative engine.”

Over a period of four years he work to transition from full-time carpenter, to full-time artist. He created a motion piece called 8 hammers, with the hammers in constant motion hammering nails.

“I felt like I was just banging nails for eight hours a day this is like one of the first pieces I made kind of a commentary on my life,” said Strunk.

Another big piece Struck did is called Chronos, it features turning gears, and a big clock.

“It's got it working clock in it it's all for the big powerful and Industrial mechanisms, a statement about how driven we are by time,” said Strunk.

The Florida artist came to the Des Moines event last year, and really enjoyed it.

“We were here last year for the first time and had a great time really successful show,” said Strunk. “People in Des Moines were warm and welcoming to us.”