ARL Recommends Options for Pet Owners Who Can’t Afford Surgery for Animals

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AMES, Iowa -- "This action is just crazy to me, why somebody would do something like this," said Josh Colvin, Animal Control Services Manager for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

Colvin is referring to the actions Ames Police say Sarah McMenamin took earlier this month when she allegedly performed surgery on her two and a half month old puppy; she is now facing an animal neglect charge. Police say on the morning of June 1st, McMenamin cut open the mixed breed pup with a paring knife and tongs in order to retrieve an obstructed object. Officials also say McMenamin caused unjustified pain, distress, or suffering that resulted in the death of her dog seconds after the surgery.

McMenamin reportedly attempted the surgery herself because she couldn't afford the thousands of dollars it would have cost to have a veterinarian do it.

"The options that are out there are maybe call around to different veterinarians, get maybe a second opinion, third opinion, you know do some research," said Colvin. "I know people have their back against the wall, but there are resources out there that they can call."

One of those resources is CareCredit.

As for causing animals pain, the ARL says it's high time for Iowa lawmakers to get tough on this type of behavior by passingĀ legislation that would take something like this and turn it into a felony, instead of a misdemeanor, as it is under current law.