Airports Introducing New Amenities to Enhance Traveler Experience

UNITED STATES  --  From long layovers to delayed flights, airports can be a source of frustration for weary travelers. In an effort to improve the customer experience, some airports are offering additional resources and services to calm traveler nerves.

NBC's Contessa Brewer went to DFW Airport, where travelers may get a chance to pet Max or dozens of other therapy dogs who now roam the terminals with their handlers.

The results are obvious and instantaneous.

"I mean, very few people walk buy without petting him, it just makes everybody smile, it just makes everybody happy," said Max's handler.

What else makes a cranky traveler happy? A nap! In Dallas, people can walk into a Minute Suites, hand over $42, and for an hour they get 56 square feet of peace, privacy, and enough space for two people to get a little shut-eye--without ever leaving the terminal.

"It's got enough space and privacy. You can actually relax and catch some satellite television and zone out for a little bit and forget that I am at the airport terminal."

Pay a little more and guests can get a shower--a plus for passengers getting off a long international flight. Along with locations in Atlanta and Philadelphia, Minute Suites hosts 2,000 guests a month.

"I think the American airports are understanding to compete on the international market, they need to have a place like this. A place, a respite for travelers, where they can sleep and relax."

DFW is the 10th busiest airport for travelers in the world. To get a competitive edge against other global hubs, this airport is upping its game.

"In today's society, customers and passengers have choices in where they want to connect and where they want to fly out of. We think that if we can create a better experience here at DFW International Airport, they'll choose us over any other airport."

And it's working. DFW was just named the best large North American airport for customer satisfaction. Those customers find mood lighting and comfy couches at security, a yoga studio to find your inner zen, play space for children, good food at every price point, free wi-fi, world class shopping--that's about to premiere a first-of-its-kind duty free mall--and volunteer ambassadors to show you around.

Many airports already have spas and nicer restaurants offering a quieter place to relax with a nice beverage and watch television, and others offer live music.