Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

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UNITED STATES  --  According to health professionals, too much negativity can lead to depression and anxiety.

Nicole Sommavilla talked to psychologist Eddy Regnier, who provides some tips on how to break that pattern and be more positive.

Spilling  coffee or getting a flat tire may be enough to put you in a bad mood all day, and Regnier says this is because people's brains are wired to notice danger. But unlike prehistoric times where we were chased by predators, threats are now financial and emotional. If left uncontrolled, they can also lead to depression.

"Internal danger are thoughts that we have that tells us to do things somewhat irrational," said Regnier.

But like everything else, the brain can malfunction.

"The problem with the brain is that once it starts thinking a certain way, it has a hard time letting go."

So we have to retrain our brains out of bad habits, and into positive patterns.

"The brain is designed to be balanced, and so we can't avoid negative thought, they're going to happen," said Regnier.

The key is to find a healthy balance.

"The question is, can you be in charge of your mind or is your mind in charge of you?"

Whether it's listening to music or thinking of a happy memory, it's up to us to change our way of thinking.

"Take charge of your life. Force yourself to go where there's happiness, 'cause once you nudge yourself into a happy thought, a happy state, you'll be happy."